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Invite Your Friends To Get 20₱


Invite your friends to Luck9 and get a referral bonus and up to 0.3% Commission Rate, the more you play the more you get, join now!!!!

★ Refer a friend to join Luck9 and get 20₱ bonus, no limit.

★ Commission Rate, up to 0.3%, for valid bets up to the threshold.


Commendation rules

Definition of a valid player: A player with a deposit history of ≥ 100 and a valid bet history of ≥ 100.

Player Referral Bonus Description: Each player who receives a referral bonus will have several lower-level players. And vice-versa, a player who does not refer a new player to register will not be eligible for a referral bonus.

When calculating the referral bonus for a level 1 player, the amount of the referral bonus for the entire group is calculated first, and then the amount of the referral bonus available for all it's lower-levels is subtracted. Finally, the remaining amount would be the referral bonus of the level 1 player. The formula for My Referral Bonus is = Team Referral Bonus - Downline Referral Bonus.

Team referral bonus amount = The valid bet amount at the period of time * Commission rate.